"I absolutely love the way the scrub makes me feel. My skin is so soft and hydrated after using it in the shower and it doesn't leave a slippery residue either. The scents are AMAZING! They make you want to eat it!"

C. Carreiro

"The body treats lotions and scrubs are a decadent delight! My skin feels absolutely amazing after using them!"


"I have extremely sensitive skin and I am allergic to artificial fragrances.  I have zero issues with using body treats scrub and lotion.  Both products smell so amazing. The lotion makes my skin feel so smooth."

~Christine Baxter

"Body Treats are absolutely scrumptious! They smell like a little piece of heaven on earth, with scents that are so simply delicious that you must own every one!!!"

~ Mrs Gorka

"Not only are Body Treats the most delicious scents I have ever found, the creams are extremely moisturizing, without leaving a film or feeling thick and heavy on your skin! I use them every day to keep my body luscious and moisturized, and they are perfect for a day after the beach!! People always ask me what scent I am using!!"

~Tracy...aka Body Treats biggest fan!

"Body Treats lotions strike the perfect balance between fully moisturizing and not being greasy or heavy! I promise, you will not be disappointed!!!"