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Body Treats Inc.

Cotton Candy Icing Foaming Sugar Scrub

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This scent brings back memories of warm spun fluffy goodness on a paper cone while waiting for the ferris wheel. Warm Sugar and sweet cherry blend of fragrances.


Soft, sugary and foamy! It is a 1 step cleanse in the shower! Use prior to showering for deep exfoliation…Add product to hand with a little water and scrub desired areas, hop in shower and scrub will lather to a sudsing frenzy! Use in shower for a lighter, yet super effective exfoliation.


Use prior to waxing and shaving for smoother results. Amazing for post shave and wax as well! Use prior to tanning or going to the beach for a deeper tan and smoother glowy skin.


Glycerin, Water, Sugar, Sorbitol(used to prevent loss of moisture), Sodium Lauryl Isethionate(Cleansing agent that keeps skin hydrated), Avocado oil, Safflower Oil, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate(sudsing and cleansing agent and not a sulphate), Sodium Chloride(salt to thicken), Phenoxyethanol(used as a preservative for its antibacterial properties), Tetrasodium EDTA(binder and preservative, will not absorb into skin),Fragrance, Colour(naturally sourced)